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Is It Possible to Decorate Your Home with Designer Furnishings at Wholesale Prices?


When it comes to furnishing your home is it really possible to create the interior style of your dreams?

Here's the thing when it comes to decorating there are basically

5 reasons that you come to a furnishing standstill...

that holds you back from reaching the interior style you've always wanted and every homeowner tends to have a primary decorating disaster which is the number one thing holding them back

However, as a homeowner you have hundreds of different competing priorities it's sometimes difficult to have enough perspective to identify what that that #1 decorating blockage is and how to fix it.

Solving this problem for homeowners is what my team do all day and everyday.

  • If you struggle with colour and bringing your rooms together into a cohesive style
  • If you find it hard to find unique (great quality) feature pieces
  • If you need help creating a designer style on a limitted budget
  • If you are planning, renovating or building


Then pay attention because this could be the most important web-page you'll ever read
and here's the reason why

The challenge is this, when it comes to designing and decorating interiors with style & colour,
'there is no one size fits all answer'

We're all different, unique and individual and everyone's needs are going to be different

The Shady Designs styling and decorating membership service is the perfect solution for you
but first if you're like most people, you're probably wondering who am I?

and why should you pay attention to what I'm about to show you?

Well, If you don't follow many of the popular lifestyle magazines
then you wouldn't have realised our work has been regularly featured in
Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Vogue Living, Real Living and Belle Magizines

Or if you're not involved in the Interior Design Industry then you wouldn't have known... Well regarded since 2008 we have completed over 3000 projects from kids rooms, to hotels to cruise ships

What I've been doing over the last 5 to 8 years of my career has involved creating a process
that we use with every private client that chooses to work with us

We ask them a series of questions about their home which helps us to identify in just 30 seconds what their number 1 biggest decorating bottleneck is when it comes to furnishing their home and how to fix it

Up until now our clients pay us hundreds of dollars an hour to consult with them and go through this process. Interior designers will charge thousands in fees up front on top of the cost of refurbishing with their preferred brands which are often expensive and marked up!

The reality is decorating is done in stages as time and funds become available. In the end only you know what you like, it's hard for a hired designer to read your mind and transform your space

  • if only you had the right partner to get you going down the right track
  • if only there was a way you could source great value products that you liked
  • if only someone could help you figure out how to layout your rooms with what you've got in a stylish way


I recently announced we're about to launch a new low cost online forum membership service which will give clients and other members access to

Trade and wholesale discounts on exclusive designer brands and popular suppliers
So you can prioritise, get more value for money and furnish more rooms for less

Ongoing personalised decorating and styling advice from Shady Designs and industry experts
We'll partner with you to design rooms that compliment your style and budget

Regular news and updates on trade only brands, services and products
Including a wrap up of each years trade shows with access to the best new releases

Support and training on how to bring the look of your home together
To create a cohesive style throughout each space throughout your entire home

A members only trade and swap area (where we giveaway ex display and demo stock)
It's surprising how much stuff clients need to give away each week, here's a way to connect with eachother

Help get more bang for your buck when renovating or building
From off the plan to move in here's how we can help with decorating on limited funds at the end of a long hard build

Recently we moved shop which has exposed us to so many new people, along with our regulars from our old location we're only possibly able to help so many clients each week, the only way we can do more is to think outside the shop and start helping people online

At the moment,
This online membership service is only available to our existing clients who have purchased from us
The good news is we're accepting applications from the public for a short time!

$100 off before 28th May '17

Early 2017 Launch Offer ends soon!!


Join our members community now!